Stay local, Shop local. -  Holiday Campaign 
Client - HermosaOne, a local non-profit organization. 
Project - For the 2020 holiday season, I teamed up with HermosaOne, to promote small local businesses. The aim was to inspire locals to support their community.
Approach - The year 2020 affected a lot of small businesses. Due to the convenience of platforms like Amazon, it became harder and harder for mom and pop shops to stay open. While the businesses had taken initiatives like curbside pick-ups and contact-less deliveries, we needed to spread the word. My goal was to create simple, impactful social media graphics to drive awareness. 
Hermosa Nail Co -  Talent Acquisition Campaign 
Client - Hermosa Nail Co, a local full service salon spa. 
Project - The client wanted graphics for talent recruitment. I was responsible for creating and running the ads on both Facebook and Instagram. 
Approach - The graphics were made to align with the atmosphere of the salon. 
Jennifer R. Lavey -  Branding & Social Media Management  
Client - Jennifer Lavey, Philanthropy Management Services.   
Project - The client wanted graphics to build her social media presence, particularly Instagram.
Approach - Previously, she had worked with a designer to create a branding template. We created graphics for highlight covers and stories to continue a cohesive look for her brand. 
Hermosa Nail Co.  -  Business Cards  
Client - Hermosa Nail Co, a local full service salon spa.​​​​​​​  
Project - The clientele of Hermosa Nail Co. was built through word of mouth. The owner wanted to create business cards for her clients to share. 
Approach - The business cards were mean to target the salon-specific demographic. Keeping the user experience in mind, we designed the card to be simple and easy to read. 

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